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Aruba for less, see how much we can save you!!!!
6/16/2008 3:38:17 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

Day's Travel guarantees the lowest package rates to the Caribbean and Mexico! Why do all the work yourself, to spend even more money? Here are some more examples of how we will save you money on your next Caribbean or Mexico package. I priced out Aruba for 7 nights in January, January 7-14 from Portland, Maine. Our prices are low from ANY major US cities. Following rates include airfare,7 nights hotel, transfers, taxes and all meals and drink and are total for 2 adults.

Days Travel Price

Occidental Grand Aruba, $4144.00

Tamarijn, $3944.60

Holiday Inn Sunspree, $3504.00


Expedia Price, (same inclusions as Day's Travel)

Occidental Grand Aruba, $4942,00 (798,00 more)

Tamarijn, $3985.00 (only $41.00 more)

Holiday Inn Sunspree, Not Available through Expedia


Travelocity Price

Occidental Grand Aruba, Not available through Travelocity

Tamarijn, $4041.00 ($91.00 more then Days Travel)

Holiday Inn Sunspree, $3645.00, ($141.00 more then Day's Travel)


So, as you can see, we can save you between $41.00 and $798.00, if you book here and not online. Our rates to the Caribbean and Mexico are guaranteed to be lower! Come and SEE WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY'S MAKES! We have the same packages for lower price, and more availability then the internet!


Top 5 reasons I book my vacation online and don't use a Travel Agent
6/10/2008 8:12:52 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

Top 5 reasons I book my vacation online myself

5. Why talk to a travel professional, when I can do it myself, and have 5 hours to kill.

4. I want to be on my own and fix travel problems, when they occur.

3. I thought Travel Agents charged a fee to book vacations?

2. I want to pay for my trip in full, 10 months in advance, instead of a small deposit.

1. I want to spend more money for the same vacation package.


Top 5 reasons to use a Travel Agent

5. We can do the same research in a much shorter time at no cost.

4. Why be own your own, when you can have a Travel Agent in your corner for free?

3. We do not charge a fee for booking vacation packages.

2. A deposit is required for packages, amounts vary, but final payment is not due till 45-60 days prior to your vacation.

1. We WILL save you money, GUARANTEED, on vacation package to the Caribbean and Mexico. Our rates are lower then Travelocity and Expedia, and that's a PROMISE!

Why Book on the internet when you can save money booking here?
6/9/2008 1:45:34 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

It is still amazing to me the amount of people that want to book their own trips online with Travelocity or Expedia. These people must have more money then they need, as I have proven many times that you spend MORE online, then with a travel agent, or at least most travel agencies, like Day's Travel Bureau. We still guarantee the lowest package rates to the Caribbean and Mexico, and rates for 2009 are available.

I priced out the Riu Caribe for 6 nights for a client today, then checked exact same flights and package details with Travelocity and Expedia, to see how the rates compare. My client was requesting 6 nights, with air from Portland, Maine, from April 4-10, 2009. Rates included rt airfare, taxes, transfers, 6 nights hotel, with all meals and drinks. Price from Days Travel was $3399.00 total for both passengers, while Travelocity offered same exact package for $3642.00, and Expedia was $3704.00. Our average saving per couple is over $270.00. Deposit required with Day's Travel was around $1400.00, and final payment due in February, 2009, while Expedia and Travelocity require full payment at the time of booking. Which seems better to you?

Walt Disney World PAckages, Book with us and save $100.00's over the internet rates!
12/10/2007 12:19:55 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

Not only do we offer the lowest package rates to the Caribbean and Mexico, GUARANTEED, we also have lower Disney packages than Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz, and more options. The following rates are based on 7 nights at Disney Pop Century resort, for 2 adults and 2 children, ages 8 and 10. Package includes rt airfare from Portland, transfers, 7 nights hotel, and 8 day Disney Park Hopper passes, and all taxes.

Travelocity, total package rate is$3036.95. This only includes a 7 day park hopper, that is all that was offered. Flight times, departing at 1030am, arriving Orlando at 5pm, and return flight departs Orlando at 9am and arrives Portland at 152pm. You sort of lose a day due to these times. I could not find how to book the Disney Dining plan.

Expedia, total package rate was $3016.95. This included an 8 day park hopper, but flights left Portland at 4pm, arriving Orlando at 9pm, and return flights leave Orlando at 8am and arrive Portland at 330pm. Not real convenient times! No Disney Dining option could be found.

Orbitz had the highest rates, a total of $3217.00, and flights leave at 1030am arriving Orlando at 5pm, and returns from Orlando at 9am, arriving Portland at 152pm. Orbitz offered the 8 day park hopper, but no Disney Dining.

Days Travel, $2749.00. Same package, flights leave Portland at 650am, arriving Orlando at 1115am, and returning from Orlando 612pm, arriving Portland at 1030pm. Much more time for vacationing with these flights, and at Days Travel you would have saved between $267.00-$468.00. That is quite a saving.

Remember, we will guarantee the lowest package rates to the Caribbean and Mexico, and we can save you many dollars for your Walt Disney Packages.




We don't just book vacation packages
11/29/2007 1:46:35 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

we are a full service travel agency. We book airline tickets, car rentals, hotels, Amtrak, vacations, cruises, or anything to do with travel. 

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Holiday. Took me a couple days to get back to the blog writing. All that turkey slowed me down. This week I booked  a last minute one way ticket from Phoenix to Portland, Maine for client that had to come back home immeadiately, meaning same day travel.

His father checked the internet and called a few places,then came to me to purchase his ticket. I found a rate for about $220.00 for him, and he told me that I saved him a "couple hundred dollars" and a 6 hour roundtrip drive by finding this low fare. Why I got it for so much lower then other agencies is really unknown to me, but just give us a call about any type of travel needs, and SEE WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY'S MAKES!

Don't forget about our GUARANTEED LOWEST PACKAGE RATES TO THE CARIBBEAN and MEXICO, lower than Travelocity, Expedia, or Ortiz, or we will pay you $50.00.

Jamaica, Adults only Hedonism, our rates again beat the internet..........
11/15/2007 2:24:38 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

Come book at Day's Travel and see our guaranteed lowest Caribbean package rates, lower than online!

Today I checked rates for the adult only Hedonsim III, in Runaway Bay, for a 7 night package from February 6-13. This time I added 2 new internet vacation companies to my list, Club ABC and Chea Caribbean. Our rates are still lower then both of these!  The below rates include the same flight times, room type and transfers. But remember, FULL PAYMENT is due at time of booking with the internet , but here, just a deposit is due and final payment usually 75 days prior to travel.

Expedia, Doesn't carry the Hedonism resort. So, if you wanted to stay there, Expedia can't book it , call a travel agent.

Travelocity, $1586.00 per person

Orbitiz, $1523.00 per person

Club ABC, $1552.00 per person

Cheapcaribbean, $1612.00

DAY'S TRAVEL, $1509.00 per person

So, as you can see above,book at Day's Travel, and SEE WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAYS MAKES!


USAirways new money making method to increase profits
11/8/2007 10:34:10 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

is just a great idea and I wish I had thought of it. USAirways now changes its ticketing rules without taking the time to inform the travel agent community. This way, they can issue what they call "debit memoes", and collect unfair penalties against travel agents who have not been informed of rule changes. It is one thing to charge the travel agent the fare audit liability, but to charge us a penalty on top of this, is just a rip off, and a way for the airlines to pad their pockets.

Travel agents still book the largest percentage of airlines tickets, and airlines pay us nothing to sell their product, but are at the front, leading the charge to take money from us, for selling their product for no commission or any other type of pay. 

Our clients exchanged tickets and an agent of ours accidently applied the difference of the fare to the penalty that USAir charges to change tickets. This used to be allowed, but they changed rules and didn't inform us. We are now paying USAirways $247.46 in penalty and fare difference. This airline wouldn't even waive the $32.26 in penalties, even though we generate over $300,000.00 in sales for them every year, with a dime from them.  Airlines, what an ungrateful, money grubbing, uncaring, unsympathetic, bunch. No wonder European carriers are always talked about as being superior to the USAIR, DELTA and UNITED the we have here.

Remember  here at Day's Travel, we guarantee the lowest package rates to the Caribbean and Mexico. SEE WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY'S MAKES!

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